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24 November, 2021

Getting Bizzy for the Holidays

Hello Bizzy Bees!

Happy hump day! 

Denny and I would like to wish you, your significant others, and your families a very warm and happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve always thought the holidays were a great time to step away from “real” life and step into time with family and friends… and maybe even a little fantasy!  It has always been fun to be with our family, who we love to be with, but I also love to sneak away and find time to be sexual with Jessica during the holidays. 

Sometimes the stress of the holidays or all of that family time makes me crave alone time with Denny and the hormones that sex delivers.  I feel like the holidays are our time to connect and reconnect… and reconnect!  

All the buzz surrounding the holidays does really create a great emotional environment to get bizzy!

In fact, I read an interesting article recently entitled “Americans love getting it on during the holidays.”  Here are some of the statistics of intimacy and sex during the holidays from a survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by EdenFantasys:

  • 44% had sex scheduled in their planner for Christmas Day
  • 47% have had sex in their old childhood bedroom while visiting family
  • 39% have had sex in their partner’s childhood bedroom while visting the in-laws
  • 25% have been “walked in on” in their parents or in-laws’ house while having sex
  • 38% say simply doing holiday shopping is enough to turn them on
  • 32% say holiday shopping online is enough to turn them on
  • 29% have gifted their partner a sex toy or other sex-enhancing gift
  • 54% have gifted their partner lingerie
  • 47% say they’ve just gifted sex to their partner for the holidays

Whether you have sex scheduled, or you are planning on a secret rendevue during time with family (or maybe you’re just going to wing it and be spontaneous), or you are just going to get your partner in the mood by doing some cheerful holiday shopping, the holiday breaks give us and our partners a lot of opportunities to have sex, make love, fuck or whatever turns you on!

And… since we know sex might be on your mind this holiday season, Jessica and I wanted to think of a way we might be able to help you have amazingly successful rendezvous, so we are putting a plan in place to do just that. 

After Thanksgiving we will be sending you a gift of sorts to help you in your own sexual relationships or it might just help you help others in your life who you know want to Get Bizzy this holiday season.

Be on the lookout for an email from us this Friday… Be sure to OPEN it!

I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Until next week… Get Bizzy,

Jessica & Denny

Real Vulnerability, Real Education, Real Connection

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