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01 December, 2021

Listen to a Curious Podcast

Hello Bizzy Bees!

Happy hump day! 

We hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving break!

This week we wanted to share something really exciting that we participated in…

We were interviewed on The Curious Girl Diaries podcast by Layla London… it was our virgin experience being interviewed on a podcast and it was a ton of fun!  Layla is very courageous and openly talks about sex, sexuality and her experiences.  Our podcast episode was posted to Layla’s website on Saturday, 27 November 2021.

I was very excited to have the opportunity to meet Layla and share our story with her listeners.  We wanted to share this experience with you too!  We look forward to doing more podcasts with Layla and others in the future.

If you are interested in listening to it and getting to know us and our story a bit more.

Welcome to the Honey Pot by Layla London

Let us know what you think!

Until next week… Get Bizzy,

Jessica & Denny

Real Vulnerability, Real Education, Real Connection

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