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"After the gift of a massage I gave her, she was all over me like the wild college girl she was when we first met. I had never felt more desired and manly than I did the night we used Romantic Escapade."

Romantic Escapade x 3 bottles

Romantic Escapade CBD-infused intimate massage oil, 100 ml. Specially formulated with Jojoba and Apricot Kernel carrier oils, THC-free CBD, and a scent palette including: Rose, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, and Vanilla.

Romantic Escapade helps to:

  • Turn on you libido
  • Loosen your body
  • Increase blood flow
  • Prepare you for intense, whole-body-quivering climaxes
  • Activate your body’s natural fluids
  • Achieve mind blowing sensual pleasure
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Fantastic Testimonials

We started with the intention of a romantic massage that turned into an evening of passion. I was totally surprised by how the combination of rose and citrus set brought out my sexual desire. By the time my husband was done massaging my back with Romantic Escapade (as he straddled my booty), I just wanted him to slip it in right then and there. We have used Romantic Escapade a few times now and some of those aches and pains that have been nagging me have subsided too!

- Jaque R.

When the oil was pumped out for the first time, the rose and orange scents hit my nose and I could tell I was getting turned on. As my husband poured the oil all over my body, it felt like ecstasy. It was so smooth and silky. His hands moved slowly, but firmly and I was falling into sensory overload; from the scents, to his touch, and the feeling of oil all over my body. By the time the massage was ending, I was aching for him!!!!! Let's just say things ended well; very well. It was AWESOME!"

- Jess P.

A buddy of mine told me about this stuff and how it made his wife want to do the horizontal hokey pokey like a crazed nymph in heat, so I gave it a try. I didn't tell my wife what it was, and when I opened the first bottle, the aroma turned her into a version of a horned teenage cat woman that I hadn't seen since our college days. She got a 3-minute backrub from me but soon flipped over and pulled me in for the kill faster than a prom dress. Fast forward 10 minutes and we were lying next to each other wondering what just happened. Now all I gotta do is open that bottle, give it a little waft in the air, and it's my lucky day once again! Doesn't seem like it should be legal… and, you may want to consider renaming this stuff "love potion number 69". Thank you!

- Dave S.

Unexpected Addiction?! My buddy gave me a bottle of this stuff and told me to give it a go with the Mrs. Well holy sh!t he failed to warn me that my wife (and I) would become addicts and immediately make this a staple in our house. It’s that good!!! I seriously haven’t smelled or felt anything like it before, and my wife was just as shocked. I don’t know how they do it, but the texture and longevity blew us away! It’s like a bottle full of deep, passion filled experiences with the push of the pump! And I was pumped when you got it back in stock so I could load up on it for ourselves and all of my buddies and my wife’s friends, as it really is the perfect birthday, anniversary and wedding gift. Thanks for helping us reignite the flame!

- Randall T.

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