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10 November, 2021

You Are Our Heroes

Hello Bizzy Bees!

Happy hump day! 

We wanted to share some of our outstanding observations and amazing things we have learned in the last year…

…from YOU!

You are grateful!

We have received so many amazing reviews…

Stories of

  • heartbreak and rekindling the flame;
  • of feeling like a woman again;
  • of becoming intimate after invasive surgery changed a life forever;
  • of reducing pain associated with intercourse;
  • of being intimate as you age;
  • of being very satisfied
  • And many more…

…and everytime we do, my heart rises a little, I relax and know we are doing something great to help others.

I want you all to know how powerful your stories of success are and how much it means to us that you are willing to be vulnerable and share a little sliver of your story with us and all the Bizzy Bees!

You are understanding!

We made our first sale of HONEYPOT this year (2021) on the 22nd of May.  That was only six short months ago, but it feels like it has been much longer than that. 

Looking back, we really had no idea what it would take to start this business.

Let me tell you, it is way more work and more complicated than I ever thought it would be…  …but, it is way more rewarding than I ever thought it would be too!

To get right to the point, we’ve made a few “rookie” mistakes and you have all been so gracious and so understanding.  As you have been so patient and willing to communicate with us, we have been taking the time to listen to what you are saying and acting on it!

Because of your sincere interaction, we have made many improvements from how we communicate with you to the formula we deliver to you and everything in between.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for taking a risk on Fantastic Escapades & HONEYPOT, providing feedback, and trusting us to make things right and continuously improve over time.

You are on your own sexy journey!

We practice sex.  We experiment with sex.  We study sex.  We are fascinated by how other people are living out their sexual journeys.  We love sex and how we use sex to relate to and connect with each other. 

Therefore, I take it for granted that everyone knows what I know, does what I do, and experiences what I experience in their intimate relationships.  And that just isn’t true!

The truth is:

  • Each of us are on our own sexual journey
  • Each of us are on our own timeline
  • There is only one way to venture out on your own sexual journey – your way!
  • Ultimately, each of us is seeking more intimacy, connection, and love in our lives

I have talked to people who have never used a personal lubricant for sex and want to learn how to now.

I have talked to women who have never had an orgasm and would like to learn how to do that.

I have talked to people who are in their 80s and becoming intimate with their crush from elementary school. 

If that isn’t the cutest and sweetest thing you’ve heard today…

I have talked to men who want to find something that works well for them too.

No matter where you have been on your sexual journey, where you go from here is completely up to you!

You are our HEROES!

We feel fortunate to have crossed paths with you.  We are blessed to have you as our customers.  We are impressed with your stories of overcoming insurmountable obstacles and ultimately succeeding… and we feel lucky to have been a very small part of your journey!

Until next week… Get Bizzy,

Jessica & Denny

P.S.  If you haven’t checked out the outstanding reviews, look for the link to the reviews at the bottom of this page.  Also, you can leave us a review (or just a fun or funny story) by replying to this email ([email protected]).

Real Vulnerability, Real Education, Real Connection

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