Love Cube

ALWAYS DISCREET PACKAGING. Packaging that will in no way disclose the contents within.

Premium CBD-Infused & Silicon-based Personal Lubricant



A Sensational Lube for Orgasmic Explosion Of Love!

You’ll experience amazing new sensations when you add the sexual superpowers of CBD to your sex life and enjoy even more white hot passion.

When you get super-pleasure filled sex and climax every time, you will LOVE sex again. Your relationship will become so much stronger because the connection between you will get deeper!

Honeypot helps to rekindle those old romantic felling like when you were fist dating and first started sneaking around making love.

Infused With Broad Spectrum CBD Extract

A Slippery Sensational Lube

Heighten Sensation

You and him can enjoy every touch and thrust with your “pleasure-sensors” responding in ways they haven’t in years, or maybe ever.

Improve Orgasms

You can finish your sexual rendezvous with the ultimate body-shaking, toe-curling eruption of pleasure and satisfaction…

Reduce friction

This is incredibly important to help reduce pain during sex. (because I think we can both agree, painful sex SUCKS!)

Support Blood Flow

Getting blood flow to our genitals is the holy grail to experience the MAXIMUM amount of pleasure from intercourse (for both you and him).

Relax Your Muscles

When you’re relaxed, it’s so much easier for you to get out of your own head and into your body.

Mind-blowing Pleasure

Whether you’re with your partner… or maybe you want to explore eachothers bodies, you can use Honeypot lube to enhance your experience even more…


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Honeypot Lube – Single Bottle

Honeypot CBD-infused silicone-based personal lubricant.

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Honeypot Lube x 3 bottles

Honeypot CBD-infused silicone-based personal lubricant.

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Honeypot Lube x6 bottles

Honeypot CBD-infused silicone-based personal lubricant.

Honeypot Sex Towel

100% cotton hand towel embroidered with Honeypot logo. High absorbency and soft touch!