Love Cube

ALWAYS DISCREET PACKAGING. Packaging that will in no way disclose the contents within.

They make clean up so easy and when I want to stay and cuddle after orgasm, I can just put it in between my legs and stay in bed for the rest of the night! They are extra absorbent for those big loads and soft in between my legs!

Honeypot Sex Towel

100% cotton hand towel embroidered with Honeypot logo. High absorbency and soft touch!

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Fantastic Testimonials

“Ever since my husband had open-heart surgery a couple years ago arousal has been an issue. He tried medications, but they made him sick. On a whim we decided to see if Honeypot would help him....WOW!!!!! We are back in the saddle thanks to Honeypot and looking to buy in bulk!!!”

- Kennedy I.

"My wife and I love Honeypot. We are both quite conservative and not into "experimenting" about virtually anything. After the first few nights of using Honeypot, we have become forever users."

- Bob H.

"Loved It!!!!! My partner is 60 and I am 59. We have been together for 21 years. Our sex life was getting boring and definitely in need of lubrication. I tried the Honeypot first on me and I was blown away at the HUGE sensation within minutes. Next tried it with my partner and he loved what it did for both of us. Lovemaking was incredible and had one the best and longest orgasms in a long time."

- Lorri L.

"What a fabulous product that has changed my love life!! I had a gyn surgery and it seemed I couldn’t get my natural lubrication to return. I was feeling all the good feelings but I was dry. The sensation that HONEYPOT provides in addition to the long lasting lubrication made for a long night of getting bizzy! Thank you!!"

- Carrie V.

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